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It's been ten days since I last posted and so much has happened.

Here it is in bullet form -
Sept 19: I make hummingbird cake for my birthday cake
Sept 20: My birthday and a trip to Paradise Cove in Malibu
Sept 21: I finish icing the cake before Zoe and Stephen visit for cake and a game of Vegas Monopoly
Sept 22: Back to work for me
Sept 23: A trip to Disneyland - Joshua was VERY excited to see Octopus Man (his name for Davey Jones) and Jack Sparrow. Unfortunately, my photos are not that great as someone put little, sticky finger marks all over my camera lense on the Sunday after he helped me ice the birthday cake!
Sept 24: We take Nanou to LAX for her return flight home.
Sept 25: I make two mini hummingbird cakes for a baby and wedding shower at work - unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures this time :-(
Sept 27: All that cake going on - I start a diet! Yep, Sue has booked her flight and will be here in about eight weeks, so I'll be doing those exciting posts about calories and steps and gym sessions missed! Ha! :-)