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Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween Cookies

Two posts in one day - this one is to show you why I can't move in the kitchen - Halloween cookies!

Fresh out the oven...

The fun begins...

There's some very cute little white ghosts too, but I didn't get a photo of them and now it's too dark, but at least they are all decorated now. Just the packaging left to do. I've made some very cute gift tags for them. I'll post photos later in the week.

Joshua's First Haircut

I finally finished them! You can see from the photos these were long overdue. Joshua's first haircut was almost exactly a year ago!

This is actually my second attempt at the cards. I made some others a few weeks ago hoping to give them to Lynn before she left but I didn't get them finished in time and while they were hanging around waiting to be posted I decided I didn't like them and started again. I'm pleased I did redo them as these ones are much nicer.

The cards (which come with matching envelopes) and blue and brown ribbon are by Martha Stewart and the little silver hearts and the velum envelopes (which hold the lock of hair) are by Making Memories and the font is 1942 Type

I had a lovely surprise when I logged onto my www.scrapinstyletv.com account - I'd been freatured on Gallery Standouts!


I'm amazed! :-)

After the Pancakes...

What do you do when the pancakes are all gone?
Suck on the lemons of course! :-)

Do Snails like Carrots?

Do snails like carrots? They do if they are LazyTown carrots!

Yesterday when we stepped outside the house there was a beautiful big snail racing across the path (well, in snail terms it was pretty speedy). Joshua was concerned that it needed something to eat and thought a carrot would be a good idea, so I promised him we'd go to the shop and buy carrots for him that afternoon.
In the grocery store I pick up a bag of ready washed and peeled carrots.
'NO, not those!' He insisted. 'LAZYTOWN carrots, mom!'
'What are LazyTown carrots?' I ask.
'BIG ones, mom!' He says holding out his arms.
He LOVES watching LazyTown on Noggin and they had been eating carrots on the show that day.
So we buy a pack of big carrots but when we get home the snail has gone. He's probably sleeping I explain.
'Right,' says Joshua nodding his head thoughtfully. 'When the sun comes up we'll feed the snail LazyTown carrots.'
'Sure,' I say and we both go in the house and Joshua sits on the side of the sink while I wash the LazyTown carrots...