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2010 Goals - More Art

While hanging out in the Altered Art forum at ScrapArtist I've taken a new direction after discovering art journaling. I had tried it in the past (altho I didn't know it was called art journaling), but I was never happy with the outcome.
After looking at many, many blogs, online galleries and journal pages and more time than I should at Teesha Moore and Anahata Katkin's sites I finally felt brave enough to try my hand at a digital page or two.
I've signed up for Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan which I'm super excited about but a little worried too. I've decided I'm just not that good at creating pages on demand. There are so many wonderful CT members that can create beautiful pages time and time again for thier designers but I often feel mine are forced and I very seldom produce pages that become favourites. But I'm excited to get started and see what I create and where I end up.
You can find two of my digi art journal pages below. I'm thrilled how they turned out and inspired to do more.

So my goal for 2010 is now to continue with my digital art journal pages and to take them to actual physical pages too.

If I Had a Gypsy Heart
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My Greatest Wish
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Day Planner

Yay - my Jetoy day planner arrived yesterday. I HAD to get one once I saw Teeshs Moore's blog post. I got 'Secret Garden'. Now I just have to go break the spine and get doodling...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.
I hope you've all had a wonderful day.

Looking Back at 2009

Altho I didn't write them down I did have some goals in mind when we entered 2009. I really wanted to improve my PhotoShop and photography skills and build up an online scrapbook gallery.

I'm pleased to say the year started and so far ended really well. First I was accepted on to Sausan Designs creative team. This was my first team and I learnt what being on a ct actually means. It was during the summer that I started hanging out at ScrapArtist and was thrilled to be accepted onto the teams of Rachel Young, Danielle Donaldson and later Laurie Ann, Heaven's Gate Designs.

But a real turning point for me was when Rachel asked if I would consider being on the CT for ScrapArtist! Oh my gosh, I nearly fell of my seat when I got that email (but it's okay - I scrap on the sofa, so I would've had a soft landing).

I'm not kidding when I say I was nervous. After all, they have some awesome scrappers on thier CT, but I said 'yes' and Gabi soon got me settled in. And that's when my layouts really started to improve. Well, how could I not with all those lovely goodies available to me and the inspiration from the wonderful creative team?

I explained to Gabi I was happy to create layouts but a little aprehensive about making tutorials and blog posts and she assured me it was okay. So when the decision to get rid of the forum and public gallery at ScrapArtist came about I was a little worried. Where would I fit in?

So new changes came about at ScrapArtist and SherrieJD joined the team as a new designer. She brought all her kits with her, her fabulous creative team and some new ideas. One of them being an altered arts zine. Sure, I'd seen altered art layouts before and loved them but I'd never really tried to create any. So I gave it a go... AND I've not looked back! Using vintage photos or no photos at all has really opened up a who new door for me and I'm creating layouts I would have never otherwise created.

I feel I accomplished my goals for 2009 and already know what I'd like to complete for 2o10. That will be the subject of my next post...

Oh one thing I failed miserably at in 2009...

Heehee - I'll keep it on my list of goals for 2010. I must try better this year!
Thank you for reading! :-)

Altered Art Doll

This is my favourite at the moment...

Altered Hearts Issue 2

I'm pretty excited - the second issue of Altered Hearts the new ScrapArtist zine is out in a few hours. Midnight EST to be exact. This issue is devoted to altered art dolls and runs to a whopping eighty pages!

I must admit altho I LOVE the look of art dolls I never really understood them. Until I saw the creations the fabulous altered art team started coming up with. I was brave enough to try one of my own and then it all kinda fell into place.

Do you ever have a layout you'd love to scrap but you don't have the right photo? It happens to me all the time and now I'm brave enough to add an art doll to the layout. It's really opened up a whole new world for me and I've completed several journaling layouts that I never would have completed.

So if you're interested or just curious hop over to the ScrapArtist shop. The zine is free for the first 100 downloads! I hope you have as much fun with your altered digi-art dollies as me! :-)

Holiday Village and Christmas Tree Decs...

Our tree is boring, very, very boring. Just green and white lights with a star on top of course. Joshua was just 2 1/2 last year and we were still worried about him pulling the stuff off, but last night he stated that we NEEDED Christmas tree decorations - and he's right!

I'm usually a minimalist kinda person and like muted and matching colours but I'm really lusting after these Crate & Barrel 12 Days of Christmas ornaments to go with my Claudine Hellmuth's holiday village...