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Tracy makes it look soooooo easy!
I struggled to get this far.
I over complicate things.
I started over at least three times.
Colors, smears, words, pictures, drips and splatters.
They are all there..somewhere...lost in the layers.
I'm finished... done... we rise with the sun...
Thank you Tracy for a wonderful and inspiring weekend.
I'm ready to do it again!


After 'Angels in My Studio' I was thrilled when Sherri announced the next workshop would be 'Painting the Goddess Within'.  If you remember my Angel from a previous post you will know my 'Angel' gradually morphed into a wonderful Goddess, so this new workshop just feels like a natural progression to me and I cannot wait for it to begin. 

Although I do love painting I don't find it easy.  So I'm super-excited to learn more about Havi Mandell's class using Sophia McCloud's Color of Woman Method.  Anything that breaks to painting process down into steps is a good thing in my eyes.

If you'd like to know more about this workshop including the sign-up information go to Sherri's blog where you can also see some of the stunning work she has created using Sophia's method as presented by Havi Mandell.


I'm on a blog posting roll which makes me look like I've been super creative, but I created these two canvases back in July.  You can find this project on the Brave Girls Club website and the great thing is that you have instant access AND it only costs $10.00!

I loved this project so much I had to do another one in blue!


I had an amazing time painting with the very patient and generous Tracy Verdugo and a wonderful group of ladies in the beautiful home of Christy Nimeh.