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Ode to a Muse

New and in the DeviantScrap store right now is the stunning new kit 'Ode to a Muse' by Holliewood Studios and Finecrafted Designs.  This fantastic kit is a homage to the great Maggie Taylor.

I'm downloading right now and can't wait to play.

Altered Hearts Fall 2010

At long last the Altered Hearts fall 2010 issue is in the DeviantScrap store!

Happy reading!


Something Fishy Going On?

I've been kinda quiet around digiland.  So what's been going on?  What's been taking up all my time?  Shall I start at the beginning?

Back in August I was packing to go on a family vacation - five days in Mexico by the sea.  I was thrilled at the thought of getting away for a few days.  But ScrapArtist was closing.  What was I going to do to keep my creative brain occupied.  The day before we were due to leave for Mexico I was browsing the web when I came across Suzi Blu's site and a new class starting up - La Sierena.  It was to be a four month mixed media affair creating mermeaids. It appealed to me immediately and I signed up on the spot.  As much as I love digi art I had been wanting to get my hands dirty with physical paint for some time but with mixed media being such a big subject I didn't know where to begin.  This seemed to be the perfect opportunity to give it a try, but did I have it in me?  What if I couldn't do it?  What if I made mistakes?  This had always stopped me in the past.  As soon as I make a mistake I would abandon the piece or throw it away.  All during the vacation my head was filled with mermaid thoughts and once I got home I was keen to start.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this.

Through a series of videos and pdf handouts Suzi went through the basics of drawing a face, creating a layered background and briefly touched on colour theory.  But don't let colour theory scare you away.  It's delivered with Suzi's unique spin and it was one of the most enjoyable lessons mostly because it all started to make sense.  Suzi also has a few other tricks up her sleeve to help you get your drawing onto the canvas.  The word mistake doesn't seem to come into Suzi's vocabulary - it's all art.  In theory I like this idea.  I love other people's mistakes in art, but could I live with my own mistakes?  Could I live with wonky eyes, smudge paint and wonky pencil lines?

Six weeks after signing up for the class I have three finished paintings.  I'm pretty pleased with them.  Not because they are fine examples of art.  They were mostly a learning experience, such as an acrylic wash isn't a good substitute for distressing ink and covering a picture with wax ins't as easy as Suzi makes it look.  BUT they are all my own work and they are completed - warts and all. 

It's not a great photo but as you can probably tell I'm eager to share.  I'll try and take a better photo at the weekend.

Thank you for looking! :-)

Where the Fiddlette is Christine?

If you haven't heard by now the very talented Christine Honsinger aka Fiddlette is debuting today at CatScrap!

It's such a joy to see her yummy designs in the store along side all the other wonderful designers. You'll find a whole bunch of familiar faces over there including Adelaide & Amelia, The Four Seasons, Frida, The Flitter Sweets and Steampunk Sue and Lulu too!

I am delighted for an excuse to spend more time over there. If you head off to the store right now you will find 20% off all Christine's designs and 25% off the delicious CatWalk Collection! I hope to see you there.

Have a happy day.



Transformation Deck Prompt: October

I've just posted October's Transformation Deck Prompt - Release the Reins!

You can find all the details HERE.

I hope this month's prompt inspires you.

Here's my card using 'It's All Greek to Me ATC Kit' by Finecrafted Designs available at Deviant Scrap.

Natty Cat!

Natalie's Story.

Did I mention we were getting a cat?

I first saw her at the rescue center back in April. I fell in love with her then, but we weren't really ready for a cat so we left the store without her, but she kept playing on my mind. She had a beautiful face and sat so calmly in her little box. I popped into the store on my way home from work to have another look at her. My heart dropped when I saw her cage was empty. There was no one from the rescue center to ask so I left presuming the little white and tabby cat had found a new home.

Then two weeks ago Joshua and I were passing the time of day in the pet store. We looked at the yapping dogs and then the snakes and then Joshua wanted to see the fish. As we walked past the cat rescue center there was the little white and tabby cat!!! The same one? Yes, yes, that was definately the same cat! I asked Kim the rescue center how long she had been there and she said a long time probably since April or May. Yes, it was the same cat! Of course, I took it as a sign! lol I called Carl and took lots of pictures with my phone and told Kim I would be back for her in two weeks.

We went on vacation to Mexico and our dinner conversation was always about Natalie and how we would look after her.

So finally the big day comes and we go off to the pet store to collect Natalie. When I ask if there is anything I need to know I was surprised when Mike told me she was a spitfire and regularly takes swipes and she needed a firm hand! Were we talking about the same cat? The calm, elegant cat I saw through the perspex glass? The rescue center told me not to expect too much from her for the first two weeks. That she'd probably sit under the sofa for the first couple of weeks only coming out for food. Joshua heard all of this and still wanted to take her home - so we did.

As I'm typing this the next morning Natalie is playing with Joshua on the rug in front of me after sleeping most of the night on Carl's head. Yep, I know we said she wouldn't let her in the bedrooms... lol

At the moment she is the cutest, most loving cat anyone could ask for...

Back from Vacation!

Did you miss me? I certainly missed my internet connection and online friends. BUT I did have a lovely time away from the computer and feel recharged and ready to go which is just as well really as I have a lot to do!

Before leaving for vacation I signed up on a whim for Suzi Blu's La Sirena online workshop. The forum has only been open for a few days but already it looks like lots of fun and I'm looking forward to collecting my mixed media mermaid materials over the weekend!

If you feel like getting creative on a fishy mermaid theme check out Suzi's ning site. I really love her energy and enthusiasim. Her artwork examples are beautiful in a primative, childlike way that makes you feel that just maybe you too could pick up some art materials and make something pretty too. Check her out HERE!


Did I tell you my DS has a new favourite word?

I don't mind too much. It's only when it's used in front of the word 'head' that it bothers me! lol
For full credits go HERE

Sunday Postcard Art - Houses

This week's theme at Sunday Postcard Art is houses and I just love art with houses so I couldn't resist making this card with CrowAbout Studio designs.

Full credits can be found HERE

Collage Play with CrowAbout Studios #88

Today I joined in with a new challenge - Collage Play with CrowAbout Studios.
If you would like to learn more and join in go HERE

Here's my piece

Full credits can be found HERE

Thank you for looking!

Transformation Deck Challenge

Finally I got my card done.

See you over at Deviant Scrap if you feel like playing!

Thank you for looking!

Everything by Holliewood Studios available at Deviant Scrap

Transformation Deck Challenge

I am super excited to announce that Evelyn's Transformation Deck Challenge based on the book Creative Awakenings by Sheri Gaynor has a new home over at DeviantScrap!

The August prompt can be found here.

And as a sweetner the lovely Hollie is providing a kit of choice to one lucky random participant.

Of course, I should now be showing you an example but Edeena was so swift at moving the challenge that she took me completely by surprise. I am eager to get scrapping tho and will be back with my card as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this month's prompt 'Create a New Story'.




I guess July has been a time for reflection, rethinking and regrouping for many people.
Unfortunately, Marsha of Tumble Fish Studio is no longer designing and has already closed her store at Deviant Scrap. I will miss her wonderful designs.

However, it's not all bad news - Sherrie JD has a brand new store over at Deivant Scrap and is having a sale to celebrate. Get 25% off all her designs in the store all week long - yay! We do love a good sale.

Vintage at the Beach

Have you seen it yet? It's a beautifully recoloured vintage beach kit named appropriately Vintage at the Beach by Marsha of Tumble Fish Studios. I know we always say it about a new kit but I really do think this is one of my all time favourite kits. I know I will be scrapping many, many pages with it. Scroll down to see my first two layouts. Images are clickable for full credits.

By the Sea

Free To Be Me

Thank you for looking!

Sunday Postcard Art

I was working on an article for the August issue of the Altered Hearts zine for Sherrie JD when I saw the prompt for Sunday Postcard Art - Magic. I couldn't resist playing and made a postcard along the same theme as the article, so you could say this is a sneak peek for the zine! lol

Magic: a 4x6 postcard for Sunday Postcard Art

BG Paper, Grass, Tree Stump: Spring Faeries by Holliewood Studios @ DeviantScrap
Book: Sorta Quirky from the designers at ScrapArtist
Sparkles: The Four Seasons by Christine Honsinger aka Fiddlette @ ScrapArtist

Thank you for looking!

Tumble Fish Studios a Sneak Peek!

Do you like beachy? Do you like vintage? Do you like beautifully recoloured vintage? Then be sure to get yourself to DeviantScrap on Monday to check out the new Tumble Fish Studio kit - I promise you won't be disappointed.

And just to tease here's a sneak peek!

Don't forget - it's not available until Monday! :-)

Altered Hearts - July 2010

Did I mention the July issue of Altered Hearts is in the ScrapArtist shoppe now?

Along Came Summer

Along Came Summer - This kit really is a beautiful as the name sounds. By Rachel Young Designs and Valorie Wibbens at The Lilypad now.
And I have to thank Sandra for GSO! I was thrilled to see my layout here!
Thank you Sandra! :-)

Rachel Young Designs

Rachel Young has a new kit out at The Lilypad on Friday. I'm so excited to show you my layouts with it but I will have to wait until tomorrow. I can tell you that it's a beautiful summer themed kit with my new scrapping idol Valorie Wibbens.

Stay tuned! :-)

Tumble Fish Studio

One for Marsha :-)

Click HERE for full credits.

Thank you for looking.

Rachel Young Designs

Yay! Rachel is back and at a new store. You can now find her at The Lilypad where she already looks right at home! She has a wonderful new kit called Sun Faded Fun along with some other new googies in the store now.

A New CT

Last weekend I had a lovely surprise when i was asked by Marsha to join her Tumble Fish Studio CT. I adore her unique designs so of course I said 'Yes!'

Although her style really lends itself to altered art and college style she wanted her team to show how versatile her kits are and how they can work with more traditional style scrapping. So here's my page in a traditional style - Morning, Noon and Night...

My poor blog. I don't think it has ever been so neglected. I guess that's what happens when life gets crazy busy and your mojo runs out on you! But I've been feeling in a much more creative spirit lately. Here's a layout I posted recently over at ScrapArtist...

Scrapartist is Five!

Yay! Come and join the party over at Scrapartist!
Scrapartist is five today and having a sale to celebrate!

Easter Eggs & Cookies

Happy Easter every one. We've been baking cookies and dying eggs like crazy.

Altered Hearts March: Volume 2 Issue III

It’s the third Thursday of March which can only mean one thing – the new issue of the ScrapAritist zine, Altered Hearts, is now in the shop.

This month Sherrie JD and her fabulous team bring you the wonderful, whimsical, world of steampunk.

This issue is jam packed with interviews, reviews, ideas, fonts, dolls, challenges, inspiration and freebies all in the theme of steampunk.

Meet Winona Cookie the muse behind the beautiful collage works of Ramona Szczerba and get to know Jodie Patterson of Gypsy Chick Designs.

Oh and did I mention Michael deMeng? Yes, there is a full interview with the man himself.
You may recognise our guest writer this month from around the forums. Come and meet her in the forum and gallery and see how you too can be a guest on the zine.

There is a small cover price of $3.00 but you will get it for free if you are signed up to Sherrie JD’s newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so now to get the next issue for free. Do this by going HERE to Sherrie’s blog and clicking the ‘Newsletter’ link at the top of the page.

For all the best cutting-edge Steampunk ideas, come and party with the Altered Hearts team like it’s 1899!

Frida's Memory Box

I think of all the memory boxes I have done, so far this one is my favourite.

I hope Frida would approve.

Everything by Sherrie JD available at ScrapArtist.
Click on image for full credits.
I have another memory box in mind to do over the next few weeks. I wonder if you can guess to whom it will belong?
Thank you for stopping by and have a happy St Patrick's Day.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day every one!
Are you wearing green?
Are you eating?
Joshua says he will eat broccoli pizza tonight - hmmmm, we'll see...

Challenge: Scrapping the Music

I found Scrapping the Music via the lovely Georgia. After visiting the challenge blog I couldn't stop singing this line, so I had to scrap it to try and get it out of my head. The song is 'Anything Else But You.' from the movie Juno. I'm too late to enter the challenge but hope it will purge that line from my head! Or may be not... :-)

Everything available from ScrapArist.com

Also used:
Stripy Alpha: Deckchair Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Doodle Border: Capture the Moment by Kate Hadfield and Designs by Lili

Thank you for looking!

This Morning...

…he was horrible this morning.
'Don't wanna eat! Don't wanna get dressed! Don't wanna go to school! Wanna watch TV and draw!'
I drag him out from under the table to get his clothes on.
We're late.
I hear him running upstairs and slamming draws.
I prepare to have to carry him screaming to the car.
He runs down the stairs.
'I'm ready to go to school now, mom.'
All as sweet as pie.
A big happy grin on his face.
'I heard you in the draws - what were you doing?'
'NO, don't ask, mom. Let's go! Let's go!'
'I have to get something from upstairs.'
I go upstairs and see nothing unusual.
I go back down.
Joshua is waiting by the door.
'C'mon, let's go mom. Let's GO!'
He shoves me out the door.
We're back on time now.
We get in the car and he still won't tell me.
Finally he eats half a bagel and Nutella.
'So what were you doing in the draws, Joshua?'
'Noooo, don't want to say!'
'Is it a secret?'
Munching on bagel.
More silence.
More munching.
'Mo-om… You don't have a toothbrush… It's in my draw.'
'You can't clean your teeth!'
'And I have your make-up too…'
Heeehheeehhaahh ahheeehhee ahaaheeeee…
All the way to school!

Bed Head

As I lay in my bed last night this is what was going thro my head...

As a child I was not considered the sweetest.
Sue was the oldest and most beautiful.
Barbara the youngest and cutest.
I was plump and in the middle.
With a pudding basin haircut for most of my childhood years.
I was often mistaken for a boy.
I was just was not sweet enough.
I don't remember too many kisses and cuddles or ooos or arhs from dodting parents.
Mostly be quiet, get your elbows off the table, don't be so rude!
My mother didn't believe in nicknames, shortening names, or terms of endearment.
I did get called carroway seed.
Look it up.
It's practical and plain.
It has no reference to cute, sweet or lovable.
BUT, (que dramatic, happy, happy, music) look who's living the sweet life now! :-)
I'm sure I could win a hotdog eating competition...

Yes, that's what was running thro my head last night - hotdogs and all!

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Sunday Postcard - Travel

My entry for the Sunday Postcard theme of travel

Everything by Christine Honsinger aka Fiddlette available at ScrapArtist
Paper & Strawberry: Steampunk Sue & LuLu Too COMING SOON
Barbara & Winston: Adelaide & Amelia
Tile Floor: Caliope Catches the Moon
Alpha: Altered Alpha

Lost Things by A Fine Frenzy

Beautiful and inspirational...

Collage Obsession - Movies

It's Sunday. It's Oscars' night, but am I watching them? No, we have Yo Gabba Gabba on tv. BUT I couldn't help joining in with Collage Obsession's challenge to create a collage with the theme 'movie' using a wonderful Dorothy Lamouran poster.

Here is the original poster.

And here is my collage...

Movie Poster: Challenge Freebie at Collage Obsession
Everything by Christine Honsinger / Fiddlette at ScrapArtist
Curtain: Altered Elements II
Borders: So Edge-y
Blue Paper: Art Journal III
Yellow Paper: Windy Van Hootens
Hanging Stars: Caliope Catches the Moon

Sunday Postcard Art - Mermaids

I've never played at Sunday Postcard Art before. I found the blog via Amber and Jayne/Peppa Pig. I'm too late to play but I wanted to post as a thank you for the inspiration!


Everything by Christine Honsinger / Fiddlette at ScrapArtist
Mermaids & Background Paper: Mermaids
Vintage Roses: Adelaide & Amelia
Starburst Paper: Welcome to My Happy Place
Banner: Bad Fog - Pink Girl

Also Used:
Brushes: Gypsy Chick @ ScrapArtist
Doodle Outline: We All Have a Story by Kara Fredricks

Sunday Postcard Art - Mermaids

I'm too late to play but I wanted to post as a thank you for the inspiration!

Today You...

Today you went to school with a bag full of hats. At circle time you put them all on your head for everyone to see and then tried to jump up and down. Teacher Melissa called you a goofball.
You asked 'What's a goofball?'


It's hard not to be influenced by Alice in Wonderland at the moment. Huge billboards of Johnny Depp dressed as the Mad Hatter are all over LA and the movie is released tonight.

Every morningthis week Joshua has said.

'Mommy, tell me the story of Alice in Wonderland.'

And so I begin.

'Once apon a time there was a little girl called Alice. She was sitting in a beautiful field reading with her little cat next to her when suddenly she saw a little white rabbit holding a pocket watch...'

I won't bore you with the rest of my version.

When I saw this new printer draw by Sherrie JD I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.

Here is Alice's Memory Box...

Click HERE for full credits.

And on the way home Joshua says.

'Mom, let me tell you the story of Alice,' and he begins with 'One day Alice was sitting in a BEUUUUUOOOOO-TI-FUL field...'

Cute & Cuddly

This kit worked so perfectly with the conversation I had with Joshua coming home in the car this evening...

Everything from Cute & Cuddly by Christine Honsinger available at ScrapArtist.

Thank you for looking.


Using the new kit, Elinore by Aja Abney available tomorrow from ScrapArtist...

A Trip to the Aquarium and a Birdie ATC

We had a trip to the local aquarium today, but it's birds I'm still hooked on...

Everything by Sherrie JD. Full credits can be found here

A is for Adventure...

At work, but keep thinking about how to put Winston in the balloon teacup and send him across the Atlantic for an adventure in Europe...

This isn't Winston, but a sweet, little ATC I made yesterday.

Everything by Sherrie JD available at ScrapArtist.

Digi-scrapping was all I could manage yesterday. Pens, papers and inks put away for the fabulous fortieth fiesta. Joshua and I stayed huddled on the sofa for most of Sunday. We were tired and the weather showery - what a great excuse to relax in front of the tv/laptop all day. I'm already feeling the itch to get home and spread the art journaling materials over the kitchen table. I feel I'm making a little progress with the art journaling. Perhaps I'll have some photos for next weekend?

Happy Birthday...

To my darling DH. It was Saturday. Yes, I'm late posting. We had a fitting celebration on Saturday with twenty friends for the fabulous fortieth fiesta. Lots of alcohol, tacos and chocolate fondue were consumed followed by a towering chocolate cake. I felt far too slow yesterday to make a post.

Refreshed today. Monday. Time to shower and dress and get to work...

Altered Hearts: Volume 2 Issue 2

I’m super excited to announce the February issue of Altered Hearts is now in the ScrapArtist shop.
This month is dedicated to something that is causing a buzz within the online scrapping community – art journaling. If you don’t know what it is all about or want to learn more get over to the ScrapArtist shop for the biggest issue of the zine yet!
Packed full of information, inspiration, challenges and freebies. I think you will find it’s worth every cent of the $3.00 cover price.
Happy art journaling everyone!

Art Journal Page: Three Little Birds

My art journal page Three Little Birds made DST GSO!

THANK YOU so much Jimena!
Please click on the picture for full credits!

Inspiration: Squeak Carnwarth

This woman's art rocks!

Squeak Carnwarth

Castle Bed Hunting

We went take-out castle bed hunting yesterday. The bed from Walmart will take 17 days to arrive - can a 3 1/2 year old wait that long for a new bed without combusting? But as I expected we didn't find one. Joshua was happy with his prizes anyway - some plastic toys from one of those 25c machines in side Old Navy - Oh and a batman jacket!

Develope on Friday

I discovered Develope on Friday by chance on FaceBook. It's a photography challenge run from the Paislee Press blog. The first two challenges have included a little article on creativity that I find relevant at the moment.

You can read them for yourself here

Castle Beds

After The Upside Down Show Joshua stayed up to watch Project Runway with me. He thought it was hillarious that contestants had to make a dress out of a potato sack! When he finally went to bed he sang about castle beds at the top of his voice until gone 11:30pm!!!
It went like this 'Oh, I'm getting a castle bed that arrives in five days time coz I've been such a good boy... Oh, I'm getting a castle bed...'

We haven't even ordered it yet - wish us luck! :-)
The bed in case...

First Art Journal Pages

It's hard to look at Teesha Moore and Anahata Katkin's journals and not be influenced.

These photos are of the unfinished pages. I can't say I'm particularly proud of them but they are my pages, my start, my beginning. I'm hoping I'll evolve and develope and emerge with my own style, but at the moment this is it...

Creating Pictures

Why is the picture inside my head so elusive... *sigh*... that's not what I'd imagined at all...

Alien Spit

Joshua was quite happy wearing the empty brie box as a hat until an alien spat in it. We have no idea where the alien spit came from - but it was definitely alien spit!

Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 101

I signed up - I am having such fun!

I am about to head out and beat down the door of Joann's to stock up on gesso and gel medium!