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It was a good year.  It was the year I felt brave enough to try painting faces and it was tutorials from 'Kat Can Paint' that explained the idea in simple language that made it possible for me to paint flesh tones.
It was the year I learned that Picasso copied an old master's painting over and over again as a learning exercise and it was the year I realised I could do this too.  It was the year of Andrea De Meng and Tracy Verdugo workshops and painting with Isabelle Bryer.  It was the year I finally felt I had made progress in my painting.  It was a good year.


One of the most reasonably priced ecourses on the internet.  Before the first video had finished I was running out to Michaels for paper clay.  Nicely filmed and well explained.  Jennifer Rizzo will have you forgetting about perfectionism and getting your hands dirty.  Even if you have never used paper clay before Jennifer will help you get beautiful results.

Visit Jeanne Oliver's ning forum for more information.