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A Layout

After using Laurie Ann's altered house I wanted to use more of her kits. Here's my latest layout called 'Why' using Storytime and Boutique Storytime Alpha.

Click on the layout for full credits.

Thank you for looking!

Altered Art Stuffs...

I purchased this in the week...

I had such fun creating My Happy House layout with it

I was really inspired by Laurie Anne's CT in particular DancingScrapper. I spent some time browsing her gallery and am now just itching to try my hand at some altered art style layouts.
I feel a shopping list is needed, so I'm off to browse the shops... :-)
I hope you all have a happy earth day today! :-)


Yay! The April issue of DAM is out!

I'm Three!

Joshua's 3rd Birthday!

It wasn't long before he skipped down the stairs (naked I may add). His eyes lit up when he saw the pile of presents.
'Who do you think brought you all of those presents?' I asked.
'Erm... Nanou... Zoozie... Grandad... and Batty Barb!'
I was so pleased with his answer. I try and speak to them all every other week on the phone but he's only met grandad and Barbie once in his life, so his answer couldn't have been more perfect for me!
Of course, I have photos to post. Hopefully, later today I'll get them on here...


Today we celebrate Joshua's birthday as I was sick last weekend.
It's now 7.45 am and he's still not awake...

A Layout

Sometimes I drink Champagne
Sometimes I drink tea,
Other times only coffee will do
I like early mornings and sleeping in late
I enjoy long walks and watching tv
I’d like to be a neat freak but am too lazy.
I’d get someone else to make me tidy
but can’t delegate
I guess, I am still discovering me...

Everything from the wonderful Pele Mele Carnival version by Catherine Designs @ A5D
Font: CK Ali's Hand

Ladybug & Cats

Guess what we found on daddy's pillow yesterday morning? A ladybug! I scooped her up and was about to set her free when Joshua asked if he could take her to school. I think his teachers all thought he was wierd but I love that he wanted to do that! :-)

In the evening the neighbour's cat came into our garden and Joshua was like 'I have a cat now,' as if the cat has passed over into his yard and magically became his. When the cat left we had to go into the kitchen to hunt for cat food to tempt it back. I think Joshua needs a pet...

Happy Easter!

Yes, I'm late - I was sick all weekend. No, not three too many cocktails, but food poisoning!

Thankfully we got to SeaWorld on Friday but poor Joshua missed lunch with Shamu on Saturday and we never really celebrated his birthday. Thankfully he didn't even realise it was his 3rd birthday on Easter Sunday so we are going to celebrate next Sunday instead and I'm going to make sure it involves a lovely big cake with candles and lots of 'happy birthday' singing! I've got to make it up to him somehow!

Here's my Easter layout that I've been itching to post. I hope you like it...


Everything from Happy Easter by Sausan Desings available at http://www.sausandesigns.com/

Also Used:
Flower Brush: Cinzia Losemoore
Font: CK Ali's Hand

Thanks for looking!

Charity Kits

Just when I think I have all the digi scrapbook kits I could ever possibly want, and a few extra, I go and stumble across this beautiful colab kit at Pixel Canvas.

It's called Preserve It and a percentage of the proceeds goes towards the StarShip Children's hospital in Auckland Newzeland.

Carl, Joshua and I are all off to San Diego for a long weekend and to celebrate Joshua's 3rd birthday on Sunday but I will definitely be downloading this kit as soon as I get back.
Another charity kit that I can't wait to download is this one by Ali Edwards at SongBirdAvenue.

Hopefully, I'll have plenty of new photos to scrap after a weekend at SeaWorld and the Wilderness Park. Especially, as Carl came home with a new lens for my camera last night! A 70mm-300mm lens! Yep, I danced a little jig around the kitchen when he handed me that baby! It was a complete surprise I can't wait to get some great close-up shots over the weekend