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Color Theory: How to Mix Pink with Acrylic Paint

I thought it was easy to mix pink - it's red and white, right?

But then I tried it.  I took Cadmium red and mixed it with Titanium white and got more of a peach than a pink.

So how do we mix a bright pink?

Will Kemp explains below how to mix a bright pink with acrylic paint.

Watching Will's mini color mixing lesson taught me not only how to create different pinks but also the importance of good color theory.

If you are like me and jumped straight into painting without any basic color theory and need to go back to basics I've found some color theory classes that have been very helpful.

The first is Will Kemp's Simple Color Mixing Course.  If you liked his pink explanation above you may want to sign up for his class.

The next class is for watercolor called Luminous Watercolor Mixing by Kateri Ewing, but I found it really easy to apply the information to acrylic paint and at the end of the lesson I had a really good color map of my split primary palette.

The third class is also by Craftsy called Acrylic Color Mixing Made Easy by Carol McIntyre.  I've still got to sit through this one but I have already got lots of useful tips from Carol's blog so I've got high hopes for it.

If you have some good color theory links let me know below.

Blog Resources: Creative Market Free Font

Have you signed up with Creative Market?  It's free AND they offer weekly freebies.

I've just downloaded this beautiful font...


If you want this font and other freebies head over to Creative Market to sign up.  This particular font is free for one week only.

Inspiration: Alisa Burke Flower Power

I love painting flowers and although I'm trying to concentrate on realism my eyes popped out of my head when I saw Alisa Burke's floral wall on InstaGram.

Beautiful, right?

I went and signed up for Alisa's online Flower Power class right away.  If you too are inspired you can take a look at her class here 'Alisa Burke - Flower Power'.