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I want my trainers!

Joshua had water play yesterday so I packed up his crocs along with his swimmers, towel and sunscreen. When the time came he put his crocs on and dashed off ready to splash about leaving Miss Sharma to pop his trainers in his bag and on his peg.

Now, Carl and I try and use the correct American-English with Joshua as we don't want him to go to school confused. So it's normal in our house to say cookies, truck, trash, etc. But one word neither Carl or I can get comfortable saying is 'sneakers', so Joshua's trainers have always been just that - his trainers.

When waterplay came to an end and it was time to change back into dry clothes, Joshua asks Miss Sharma for his trainers. She replies with a blank stare. He asks a little louder but Miss Sharma still doesn't understand what he's asking for. According to Miss Dj a full on tantrunm followed, and Miss Sharma called her in for help. Thankfully Miss Dj understood Joshua's English and was able to find his 'trainers' for him and help him get them on. Poor Miss Sharma she had a crash course in English yesterday - Joshua style! And I guess Carl and I will have to add a new word to our vocabulary too and get used to using the word 'sneakers'!

Hodge Podge Challenge

There's a new Hodge Podge challenge up on the website. This time hosted by Rachel Young. I got to play along as her guest. It's such a fun challenge. Take a look at the blog for more details.

All by Rachel Young Designs @ ScrapArtist
BG Paper: Fundamentals (warm)
Blue Damask Paper, Photo Corner: Love in the Rain Colab with Traci Murphy
Peg & Tag: Glee
Kraft zigzag Frame and Note Paper: All That We Need
Stitches: Fresh
Brad and String: Daylight
Alpha: InkaBink

By Edeline Marta Designs (EMD) @ ScrapArtist
Metal Date Plate: Every Moment Counts

Also Used:Pressed Flower: Shabby Beach Shack by Shabby Miss Jenn

Fonts:1942 Font
Daily Birdy by Audry Neal
CK Ali's Hand

HodgePodge Challenge

I created this layout for this week's Hodge Podge challenge 'Think Outside the Box' hosted by Jaque Larsen.

All from Glee by Rachel Young (RYD) @ ScrapArtist

Jessica Sprague and House of 3

I signed up for Jessica Sprague free Photo Editing class. It's been running all week. I've been pretty busy at home with Carl's mum and dad here so I've only been able to skim over the emails as they arrive, but I am really excited to sit down and look thro the tutorials and am collecting photos for when I can start.

Today (day 7) Jessica Sprague introduces House of 3 who have provided free brushes, etc. I don't know why I was surprised to see it's a group of three made up from Heidi Swapp, Rhonna Farrer and Janet Hopkins. You can read about them here. Thier style is very beutiful and unique. I think you may see thier influence on some of my layouts shortly.

Have a happy Sunday.

Seaside Snack

Joshua last Sunday...

Strawberries and potato chips always taste better sitting on the sand.

Thank you for looking!

All available @ ScrapArtist
Yellow Starburst Paper: Happy Place Sunshiney Paper by Danielle
Hearts, Staples, Paper Swirls, Journaling Strip and Paper Pieces: My Happy Place by Danielle Donaldson
Blue BG Paper & Green Ribbon: Daylight by Rachel Young Designs
PinPokes: PinPokes by Rachel Young Designs
Kraft Paper: Tweet Heart by Rachel Young Designs
Template: Scrapbox I by Lili

From The LilyPad
Alpha: Deckchair Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Bucket, Spade, Seashell & Starfish: Sandy Toes by Kate Hadfield

From We Are Storytellers
Font: Daily Birdie by Audry Neal

I Want: ABC Draws!

Inspired: Tricia McKellar

I've been wanting to photograph the crows that gather around the water fountain near our house for some time, so I'm making this my weekend challenge. For inspiration I'm posting these beautiful bird photographsy by Tricia McKellar.

Inspired: Sharon Montrose

Holy moly - if you like animals you just HAVE to take a look at Sharon Montrose's blog and etsy shop! Below is an example of her beautiful work and you must go and check out her baby dear print at etsy!

Summer Haircut!

Joshua had his first 'proper' haircut yesterday! I could butcher it no longer. I collected him from school and he looked the scruffiest urchin I'd ever seen! Eeekk, and grandma and grandpa would be arriving within the hour! He didn't want to go but I whisked him off to Super Cuts. He sulked at first but managed a smile when the lady pumped him up in the chair.

It's funny, something magical seems to happen when little children get thier haircut and they seem to mature as if by the magic of the scissors...

It all happened too fast for me to think about my camera, but I will try and get an 'after' photo on her.

Happy Thursday everyone.


Hello July

July already? I do hope we've seen the last of the June gloom. It's burnt off here already and the sky is a beautiful blue.

Lyn and Melvin arrive tonight and still so much to do, but at least the champagne is chilling in the fridge, that's the important thing, huh?