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2010 Goals - More Art

While hanging out in the Altered Art forum at ScrapArtist I've taken a new direction after discovering art journaling. I had tried it in the past (altho I didn't know it was called art journaling), but I was never happy with the outcome.
After looking at many, many blogs, online galleries and journal pages and more time than I should at Teesha Moore and Anahata Katkin's sites I finally felt brave enough to try my hand at a digital page or two.
I've signed up for Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan which I'm super excited about but a little worried too. I've decided I'm just not that good at creating pages on demand. There are so many wonderful CT members that can create beautiful pages time and time again for thier designers but I often feel mine are forced and I very seldom produce pages that become favourites. But I'm excited to get started and see what I create and where I end up.
You can find two of my digi art journal pages below. I'm thrilled how they turned out and inspired to do more.

So my goal for 2010 is now to continue with my digital art journal pages and to take them to actual physical pages too.

If I Had a Gypsy Heart
(Click Image for Full Credits)

My Greatest Wish
(Click Image for Full Credits)

Day Planner

Yay - my Jetoy day planner arrived yesterday. I HAD to get one once I saw Teeshs Moore's blog post. I got 'Secret Garden'. Now I just have to go break the spine and get doodling...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.
I hope you've all had a wonderful day.

Looking Back at 2009

Altho I didn't write them down I did have some goals in mind when we entered 2009. I really wanted to improve my PhotoShop and photography skills and build up an online scrapbook gallery.

I'm pleased to say the year started and so far ended really well. First I was accepted on to Sausan Designs creative team. This was my first team and I learnt what being on a ct actually means. It was during the summer that I started hanging out at ScrapArtist and was thrilled to be accepted onto the teams of Rachel Young, Danielle Donaldson and later Laurie Ann, Heaven's Gate Designs.

But a real turning point for me was when Rachel asked if I would consider being on the CT for ScrapArtist! Oh my gosh, I nearly fell of my seat when I got that email (but it's okay - I scrap on the sofa, so I would've had a soft landing).

I'm not kidding when I say I was nervous. After all, they have some awesome scrappers on thier CT, but I said 'yes' and Gabi soon got me settled in. And that's when my layouts really started to improve. Well, how could I not with all those lovely goodies available to me and the inspiration from the wonderful creative team?

I explained to Gabi I was happy to create layouts but a little aprehensive about making tutorials and blog posts and she assured me it was okay. So when the decision to get rid of the forum and public gallery at ScrapArtist came about I was a little worried. Where would I fit in?

So new changes came about at ScrapArtist and SherrieJD joined the team as a new designer. She brought all her kits with her, her fabulous creative team and some new ideas. One of them being an altered arts zine. Sure, I'd seen altered art layouts before and loved them but I'd never really tried to create any. So I gave it a go... AND I've not looked back! Using vintage photos or no photos at all has really opened up a who new door for me and I'm creating layouts I would have never otherwise created.

I feel I accomplished my goals for 2009 and already know what I'd like to complete for 2o10. That will be the subject of my next post...

Oh one thing I failed miserably at in 2009...

Heehee - I'll keep it on my list of goals for 2010. I must try better this year!
Thank you for reading! :-)

Altered Art Doll

This is my favourite at the moment...

Altered Hearts Issue 2

I'm pretty excited - the second issue of Altered Hearts the new ScrapArtist zine is out in a few hours. Midnight EST to be exact. This issue is devoted to altered art dolls and runs to a whopping eighty pages!

I must admit altho I LOVE the look of art dolls I never really understood them. Until I saw the creations the fabulous altered art team started coming up with. I was brave enough to try one of my own and then it all kinda fell into place.

Do you ever have a layout you'd love to scrap but you don't have the right photo? It happens to me all the time and now I'm brave enough to add an art doll to the layout. It's really opened up a whole new world for me and I've completed several journaling layouts that I never would have completed.

So if you're interested or just curious hop over to the ScrapArtist shop. The zine is free for the first 100 downloads! I hope you have as much fun with your altered digi-art dollies as me! :-)

Holiday Village and Christmas Tree Decs...

Our tree is boring, very, very boring. Just green and white lights with a star on top of course. Joshua was just 2 1/2 last year and we were still worried about him pulling the stuff off, but last night he stated that we NEEDED Christmas tree decorations - and he's right!

I'm usually a minimalist kinda person and like muted and matching colours but I'm really lusting after these Crate & Barrel 12 Days of Christmas ornaments to go with my Claudine Hellmuth's holiday village...

GSO - Thankful for My Happy Home

I am beyond thrilled to have 'Thankful for My Happy Home' featurd over at GSO today! What an honor to be mentioned for something I had such fun creating!

Still Thankful...

Thanksgiving may be over for this year but I'm still thankful...

Click on the image to go to my ScrapArtist gallery for full credits.

Thank you for looking!

ScrapArtist Black Friday Recovery Sale

ScrapArtist are having a sale today. Thank goodness I'm on the CT or I could seriously damage my budget.

I've been hanging out in the Altered Art gallery over at ScrapArtist and have become addicted to all things by Christine Honsinger. Here's an altered art journal page used with her wonderful kits.

Click the image to go to my ScrapArtist gallery and see full credits.

Altered Hearts ATC Challenge - Fresh!

My ATC for the ScrapArtist Altered Hearts Zine ATC Challenge - Fresh Paint!
Click image for credits!
Thank you for looking.

ScrapArtist Zine - Altered Hearts - Issue I

ScrapArtist has a beautiful new zine, called Altered Hearts, free for you to download via the store. Twenty-two pages of altered art tutorials and info headed by the wonderful Sherrie JD. Get over to the ScrapArtist store to take a look.

Downloading the zine will give you access to a private forum to chat with the designers and creative team and give you a chance to enter the monthly challenge!

ScrapArtist November Guest - Vinnie Pearce

I'm VERY late posting this but if you haven't got it yet there is still time to get Reflections the beautiful monthly ScrapArtist colab with November guest, Vinnie Pearce.

My layout.

ScrapArtist October Guest - CD M

Have you read the interview with CD Muckosky?

I just LOVE her style and it's so nice to learn a little more about her.

If you're heading over to ScrapArtist take a peak at the colab with the ScrapArtist Designers - Dreams take Flight. It's HUGE and really beautiful. If you're like me and like your pages to look like they've been paper scrapped you won't want to miss it...

Today you like...

Batman and dinosaurs. Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go. Jumping on daddy. Being naked. Chicken nuggets. Bedtime stories. Toast and cream cheese. Miss Abi. Play Doh. Chocolate. You used to call water agua but now you only ask for Lemonade. Playing soccer. Talking about grandma. Cutting paper. Gluing paper. Snuggles on the sofa. Being a dinosaur - Graaaaahhhhh!!! Being a tiger - Graaaaahhhhh!!!

6:20am in the morning...

The clock says 6:20am. The house is quiet. I'm the only one awake. Before I was married when I was single I would have thought 6:20am was the middle of the night. I would wrestle with the alarm clock for just another ten minutes more before running into the bathroom and dashing for the train each morning always a little late.

Now I enjoy the early mornings. Of course, I now wake up to Californian sunshine rather than a London chill, so getting out of bed is easier.

Today I make Joshua's lunch. Today is one of the last days I'll be preparing cream cheese bagel, yogurt, bananas and grapes for him. From next Monday he will start his new school. I pack the last things away. Over the breakfast bar I see a tiger costume folded over a chair waiting for a fix under the chin and crutch (why do they never make those things long enough in the body). A variety of arts and crafts stuff clutters the table. Some of it is Joshua's some of it is mine - we've been making Halloween party invitations all weekend.

A giant Halloween glow in the dark spider sits on top of Joshua's artwork. Right now it's being used as a paper weight but I'm sure it will still be on the table long after the artwork has been put away and Halloween is over. Last year we had a skeleton head with flashing eyes that stayed on our table well past Christmas and into the new year.

When I was single the clutter was all clothes, make-up and magazines. Today's clutter of dinosaurs, and Matchbox cars reminds me that there is a little boy in the house - as if I could forget - as if I would want to forget. I want my house to stay like this always - a cluttered magical mess waiting for a little boy to wake up and come and play...

Where have all the Dinosaurs Gone?

Everything available at ScrapArtist
Alpha: Alpha Mania by Linda Gill Billdal
Sofa: Art Doll Collcetion lila by Christine Honsinger as Fiddlette
Hand Prints: Splash On by LaurieAnn, Heaven's Gate Designs
Also Used:
Dinosaurs: Calebs' Dinos by Lynne-Marie at CatScrap
Font: Daily Birdy by Audry Neal

Where have all the Dinosaurs Gone?

'Mommy, ask me where all the dinosaur's have gone.'
'Okay Joshua, where have all the dinosaur's gone?'
'Mommy, a big rock fell from the sky and it hit the ground and it killed all the Dinosaurs. Both the good and the bad. The iguanadons, the triceratops, the T-rexs...'

And I thought you was gonna say they were behind the sofa!

You are 3 1/2 years old and amaze me every day.

Dance Your Dance

Layouts using Dance Your Dance by Rachel Young Designs and Eclectic Designs by Gabi available at ScrapArtist.

I have just been introduced to Teesha Moore (not in person of course - but to her artwork). I have a new idol - I am in awe!

If you don't hear from me for a while it will be because I'm gazing at her amazing art journals...

K xxx

Super Hero Names for Mommy

Joshua was trying to think of a super hero name for mommy. It went like this...

'You're house girl. No, you're t-shirt girl. You're leaf lady. You're loopy-na-na girl. You're jeans girl. You're jeans-on-head girl...'

And so it went on...

Toddler Toes

I just discovered 'Toddler Toes' on FlickR. Such beautiful photos and yet they rarely include a full face. And I really like her perspectives. She's not just bending her knees but crawling on the floor...

Funky Junky Old School

It's out today - Funky Junky Old School. The new colab with Rachel Young Designs, PixelWorks and Kate Hadfield. I love the retro feel to this kit and just know I'm gonna use it again and again and again...

Here's my first layout using Funky Junky Old School.

Go get it HERE! :-)

A Layout

Everything from Savoy Truffle by Gina Miller Designs @ ScrapArtist

I want my trainers!

Joshua had water play yesterday so I packed up his crocs along with his swimmers, towel and sunscreen. When the time came he put his crocs on and dashed off ready to splash about leaving Miss Sharma to pop his trainers in his bag and on his peg.

Now, Carl and I try and use the correct American-English with Joshua as we don't want him to go to school confused. So it's normal in our house to say cookies, truck, trash, etc. But one word neither Carl or I can get comfortable saying is 'sneakers', so Joshua's trainers have always been just that - his trainers.

When waterplay came to an end and it was time to change back into dry clothes, Joshua asks Miss Sharma for his trainers. She replies with a blank stare. He asks a little louder but Miss Sharma still doesn't understand what he's asking for. According to Miss Dj a full on tantrunm followed, and Miss Sharma called her in for help. Thankfully Miss Dj understood Joshua's English and was able to find his 'trainers' for him and help him get them on. Poor Miss Sharma she had a crash course in English yesterday - Joshua style! And I guess Carl and I will have to add a new word to our vocabulary too and get used to using the word 'sneakers'!

Hodge Podge Challenge

There's a new Hodge Podge challenge up on the website. This time hosted by Rachel Young. I got to play along as her guest. It's such a fun challenge. Take a look at the blog for more details.

All by Rachel Young Designs @ ScrapArtist
BG Paper: Fundamentals (warm)
Blue Damask Paper, Photo Corner: Love in the Rain Colab with Traci Murphy
Peg & Tag: Glee
Kraft zigzag Frame and Note Paper: All That We Need
Stitches: Fresh
Brad and String: Daylight
Alpha: InkaBink

By Edeline Marta Designs (EMD) @ ScrapArtist
Metal Date Plate: Every Moment Counts

Also Used:Pressed Flower: Shabby Beach Shack by Shabby Miss Jenn

Fonts:1942 Font
Daily Birdy by Audry Neal
CK Ali's Hand

HodgePodge Challenge

I created this layout for this week's Hodge Podge challenge 'Think Outside the Box' hosted by Jaque Larsen.

All from Glee by Rachel Young (RYD) @ ScrapArtist

Jessica Sprague and House of 3

I signed up for Jessica Sprague free Photo Editing class. It's been running all week. I've been pretty busy at home with Carl's mum and dad here so I've only been able to skim over the emails as they arrive, but I am really excited to sit down and look thro the tutorials and am collecting photos for when I can start.

Today (day 7) Jessica Sprague introduces House of 3 who have provided free brushes, etc. I don't know why I was surprised to see it's a group of three made up from Heidi Swapp, Rhonna Farrer and Janet Hopkins. You can read about them here. Thier style is very beutiful and unique. I think you may see thier influence on some of my layouts shortly.

Have a happy Sunday.

Seaside Snack

Joshua last Sunday...

Strawberries and potato chips always taste better sitting on the sand.

Thank you for looking!

All available @ ScrapArtist
Yellow Starburst Paper: Happy Place Sunshiney Paper by Danielle
Hearts, Staples, Paper Swirls, Journaling Strip and Paper Pieces: My Happy Place by Danielle Donaldson
Blue BG Paper & Green Ribbon: Daylight by Rachel Young Designs
PinPokes: PinPokes by Rachel Young Designs
Kraft Paper: Tweet Heart by Rachel Young Designs
Template: Scrapbox I by Lili

From The LilyPad
Alpha: Deckchair Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Bucket, Spade, Seashell & Starfish: Sandy Toes by Kate Hadfield

From We Are Storytellers
Font: Daily Birdie by Audry Neal

I Want: ABC Draws!

Inspired: Tricia McKellar

I've been wanting to photograph the crows that gather around the water fountain near our house for some time, so I'm making this my weekend challenge. For inspiration I'm posting these beautiful bird photographsy by Tricia McKellar.

Inspired: Sharon Montrose

Holy moly - if you like animals you just HAVE to take a look at Sharon Montrose's blog and etsy shop! Below is an example of her beautiful work and you must go and check out her baby dear print at etsy!

Summer Haircut!

Joshua had his first 'proper' haircut yesterday! I could butcher it no longer. I collected him from school and he looked the scruffiest urchin I'd ever seen! Eeekk, and grandma and grandpa would be arriving within the hour! He didn't want to go but I whisked him off to Super Cuts. He sulked at first but managed a smile when the lady pumped him up in the chair.

It's funny, something magical seems to happen when little children get thier haircut and they seem to mature as if by the magic of the scissors...

It all happened too fast for me to think about my camera, but I will try and get an 'after' photo on her.

Happy Thursday everyone.


Hello July

July already? I do hope we've seen the last of the June gloom. It's burnt off here already and the sky is a beautiful blue.

Lyn and Melvin arrive tonight and still so much to do, but at least the champagne is chilling in the fridge, that's the important thing, huh?

Sunday Afternoon in the Rose Garden

Well, I accepted and completed my challenge to take some photos. These roses grow in the rose garden at the entrance to our complex... I'm really pleased with them as they needed minimal done to them out of the camera. I used auto white balance, auto tone and put them in a template to publish here on the blog.

I hope you like them too!

Right Now

Morning Californian sunshine outside my window. Door open. Sunflowers watered. Dog barking. Cup of English breakfast tea. Joshua sitting close next to me on the sofa, drinking milk and watching Batman. Waiting for everyone else to get up. Happy.

Inspired: Bliss

More beautiful imagery - This time from the Bliss blog

Inspired: In the Wish Studio

I found these words at the In the Wish Studio Blog...
is my intention to hearby make all my
wishes known to the universe...
to chase my dreams fearlessly
to live a life of passion and intent
to always practice, learn, and aspire
to be mindful of my needs, desires and actions
to choose acceptance over judgement
to rejoice in my own unique qualities
to speak boldly with my creative voice
to nourish my body with love and goodness
to embrace the positive energy of those who surround me
to make a difference in the live's of others
to have confidence and faith in the universe
to share light, laughter, love and peace
to not just simply follow a path
but to leave a trail behind.

Inspired: Alicia Bock

And more inspiration from Alicia Bock. I find her particularly inspiring as she is self taught. Perhaps there is hope for me???

Inspired: Susanna Conway

I thought I'd post this collection of four photos by Susanna Conway to remind myself that this is the type of photograph I would like to take and to keep trying and not give up even when I'm finding the whole learning process a little overwhelming...

For ages now I've had a yearning to go home to England to my parent's house and get copies of all the old photos I know are stashed away and take some new ones of the streets and houses where I grew up in London. Unfortunately, I know this won't happen for some time. I know I should be concerntrating on where I am now. It's so beautiful and we are so fortunate to live by the beach. I want Joshua to remember it all...

My challenge to myself is to take four photos in the next week of an everyday object from around the house and publish on the blog..

Happy Father's Day

I know I'm late - I had no internet connection at home yesterday - I hate it when that happens!
Here's a daddy and me layout using mostly Get Wet by Danielle D @ ScrapArtist

Thanks for looking!

Danielle Donaldson - ScrapArtist

I'm thrilled to be part of Danielle Donaldson's CT. Here's a layout that I done with 'My Happy Place' which is available at ScrapArtist.

I just LOVE the bright colours and shabby bits of paper - makes me happy just looking at this layout!

Thanks for looking!

Jessica Sprague Photo Editing Class

I'm blogging about a new class being offered by Jessica Sprague. Click on the image below for more details. When it comes to anything that can help improve my photos I'm all ears. I was lucky enough to do another class with Jessica last year and it was fantastic. Lots of freebies and inspiration. And did I mention this class is free? Yep, that's FREE as in nothing to pay!

Songbird Avenue

The new Songbird Avenue kit called Spring Spendor for June is up.
It's by Sausan Designs, The Queen of Quirk, Meredith Fenwick, Janet Phillips and Amy Wolff.
Funds raised (minus paypal fees) from this kit will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Such a good cause.
Please click on the image below to go to Songbird Avenue.

Loretta Lux

...in the style of...

Or maybe it's just too cutesy?
BG Paper: Fresh Laundry by Laurie Ann HGD @ ScrapArtist
Dandilion: Breeze by Natali Design @ ScrapbookGraphics
Dandilion Seeds: Marta van Eck @ ScrapBird
Bubbles: Spring Retreat by Catherine Designs @ A5D

My First Photo with LightRoom

I'm so excited to finally have LightRoom.

I took this photo at the weekend and used the Aged Antique LightRoom preset on it. I really love how it's turned out.
I'm sure I will scrap it at some point but for now I like it just as it is...

Birthday Layout

I scrapped Joshua's birthday photos at the weekend.

Template: Make it Easy by Lili @ ScrapArtist
BG Paper: Creatively Yours by Sonja Castalucci @ ScrapArtist
Notebook Paper: Get Creative by Gina Miller @ ScrapArtist
Alpha: Make Your Own Doodle Alpha by Lili @ ScrapArtist
Chipboard Hearts & No. 3: All You Need is Love by Dani Mogsted @ Sweet Shoppe
DesignsStars (Glitter Added): New Year Doodles by Ida @ Catscrap
Glitter: Grab Bag by Flergs @ ScrapbookGraphics
Sprinkles: Cupcake blog freebie by Flergs
Brushes: Brush it Up Smears by Sausan Designs @ Sausan Designs & CatScrap
Font: CK Ali's Hand
Thank you for looking!

He Said

Joshua (after the earthquake had stopped): Where's the shakey gone mom? Is someone else shaking now? Why did we shake? Tomorrow, I will ask Miss Sharma. When the next big shakey comes I'll put my head under the duvet!

Art and Soul

Last week I was so impressed with Malacima's layout titled Art and Soul that I just had to go and get the A5D kit of the same name.

Here's my layout.

Everything is from Art and Soul the A5D colab. I also used Weathered Frames by Catherine Designs also at A5D. The little girl standing back admiring the artwork is an illustration of Alice in Wonderland. She was a freebie from Scrapping Indgie's blog. Despite doing a google search I've no idea who the original illustrator was. If any one does know I'd really appreciate an email.

Thanks for looking!

He Said

Joshua: Mom, what are you doing?
Mom: Putting away the laundry. What are you doing?
Joshua: Painting my toe nails. They are dirty. I've been playing in the sand box.
Mom: Oh...

Happy Mother's Day every one!
I really love this post Ugly - Beautiful by Aja Abney at ScrapArtist. It's one of those posts that reminds you that you don't have to wait for blue skies and sunshine to get your camera out and take some great shots.

I need that reminder...

NSD Shopping

Yes, I survived my first NSD without breaking the bank. I know some people spent hundreds of $$$ - my jaw hit the floor when I saw the amounts some scrappers have spent! Wowsers - I think I'd rather have a new lens for my camera for that amount of money!

BUT, saying that I did indeed indulge...

All You Need is Love by Natali at ScrapbookGraphics (My first buy as her sale started on the 29th!)
Composure by TaylorMade at CatScrap (I'm trying to discover my style and I know this isn't really it but got sucked in by the beautiful papers and wordart - I'm gonna give it a go!)
Being Home by Laurie Ann HGD at ScrapArtist (REALLY had to exercise control here - I LURVE all her stuff!)
Get Creative Paper Pack by Gina Miller at ScrapArtist (Again, had to control myself here as I wanted ALL the Creative kits - I just love the colour. It was the lined notepaper in this pack by Gina that won me over!)
My Dream World by NLD at Shabby Pickle Designs (I just have to do something with that top had and cracked mirror!)
I Dream of Poppies, At One with Nature, Mangus, and A New Story all by Brene Boone at ScrapOrchard for only $1 (that was my best bargain of NSD and all thanks to Kate Hadfield who pointed me in the right direction with her blog post)
Bloom & Grow at Songbird Avenue (Okay, I know this one wasn't a NSD bargain, but Ali and Jessica pledged an extra $2.00 to charity for kits brought before May so I grabbed this one on the 30th - it's for a good cause, right? lol)

So, I'm guessing I spent about $40 in all over the weekend. Hubby hasn't got a clue it was NSD so he'll wonder what all the spending was about but hey, it's now where near those girls spending $$$ right!? At least I can still feed and clothe my kid - lol!

So no more spending for me until the 11th? Right, who am I kidding, it only takes one beautiful kit... :-)

So what am I going to scrap? Well, I have some great action shots of Joshua jumping off an exercise ball onto the sofa at the weekend. I want to extract them first and then I just need to find the right kit... :-)

Happy NSBD!

Happy National Scrapbook Day to you all!

I shopped already but there's still more on my list.

I'm off to -


Hopefully, I'll be back later today with my purchases!

A Layout

After using Laurie Ann's altered house I wanted to use more of her kits. Here's my latest layout called 'Why' using Storytime and Boutique Storytime Alpha.

Click on the layout for full credits.

Thank you for looking!

Altered Art Stuffs...

I purchased this in the week...

I had such fun creating My Happy House layout with it

I was really inspired by Laurie Anne's CT in particular DancingScrapper. I spent some time browsing her gallery and am now just itching to try my hand at some altered art style layouts.
I feel a shopping list is needed, so I'm off to browse the shops... :-)
I hope you all have a happy earth day today! :-)


Yay! The April issue of DAM is out!

I'm Three!

Joshua's 3rd Birthday!

It wasn't long before he skipped down the stairs (naked I may add). His eyes lit up when he saw the pile of presents.
'Who do you think brought you all of those presents?' I asked.
'Erm... Nanou... Zoozie... Grandad... and Batty Barb!'
I was so pleased with his answer. I try and speak to them all every other week on the phone but he's only met grandad and Barbie once in his life, so his answer couldn't have been more perfect for me!
Of course, I have photos to post. Hopefully, later today I'll get them on here...


Today we celebrate Joshua's birthday as I was sick last weekend.
It's now 7.45 am and he's still not awake...

A Layout

Sometimes I drink Champagne
Sometimes I drink tea,
Other times only coffee will do
I like early mornings and sleeping in late
I enjoy long walks and watching tv
I’d like to be a neat freak but am too lazy.
I’d get someone else to make me tidy
but can’t delegate
I guess, I am still discovering me...

Everything from the wonderful Pele Mele Carnival version by Catherine Designs @ A5D
Font: CK Ali's Hand

Ladybug & Cats

Guess what we found on daddy's pillow yesterday morning? A ladybug! I scooped her up and was about to set her free when Joshua asked if he could take her to school. I think his teachers all thought he was wierd but I love that he wanted to do that! :-)

In the evening the neighbour's cat came into our garden and Joshua was like 'I have a cat now,' as if the cat has passed over into his yard and magically became his. When the cat left we had to go into the kitchen to hunt for cat food to tempt it back. I think Joshua needs a pet...

Happy Easter!

Yes, I'm late - I was sick all weekend. No, not three too many cocktails, but food poisoning!

Thankfully we got to SeaWorld on Friday but poor Joshua missed lunch with Shamu on Saturday and we never really celebrated his birthday. Thankfully he didn't even realise it was his 3rd birthday on Easter Sunday so we are going to celebrate next Sunday instead and I'm going to make sure it involves a lovely big cake with candles and lots of 'happy birthday' singing! I've got to make it up to him somehow!

Here's my Easter layout that I've been itching to post. I hope you like it...


Everything from Happy Easter by Sausan Desings available at http://www.sausandesigns.com/

Also Used:
Flower Brush: Cinzia Losemoore
Font: CK Ali's Hand

Thanks for looking!

Charity Kits

Just when I think I have all the digi scrapbook kits I could ever possibly want, and a few extra, I go and stumble across this beautiful colab kit at Pixel Canvas.

It's called Preserve It and a percentage of the proceeds goes towards the StarShip Children's hospital in Auckland Newzeland.

Carl, Joshua and I are all off to San Diego for a long weekend and to celebrate Joshua's 3rd birthday on Sunday but I will definitely be downloading this kit as soon as I get back.
Another charity kit that I can't wait to download is this one by Ali Edwards at SongBirdAvenue.

Hopefully, I'll have plenty of new photos to scrap after a weekend at SeaWorld and the Wilderness Park. Especially, as Carl came home with a new lens for my camera last night! A 70mm-300mm lens! Yep, I danced a little jig around the kitchen when he handed me that baby! It was a complete surprise I can't wait to get some great close-up shots over the weekend

Palos Verdes Nature Trail

Collecting rocks to put in Daddy's pockets was the highlight of our nature walk for Joshua this afternoon.
Sunday March 22, 2009