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I want my trainers!

Joshua had water play yesterday so I packed up his crocs along with his swimmers, towel and sunscreen. When the time came he put his crocs on and dashed off ready to splash about leaving Miss Sharma to pop his trainers in his bag and on his peg.

Now, Carl and I try and use the correct American-English with Joshua as we don't want him to go to school confused. So it's normal in our house to say cookies, truck, trash, etc. But one word neither Carl or I can get comfortable saying is 'sneakers', so Joshua's trainers have always been just that - his trainers.

When waterplay came to an end and it was time to change back into dry clothes, Joshua asks Miss Sharma for his trainers. She replies with a blank stare. He asks a little louder but Miss Sharma still doesn't understand what he's asking for. According to Miss Dj a full on tantrunm followed, and Miss Sharma called her in for help. Thankfully Miss Dj understood Joshua's English and was able to find his 'trainers' for him and help him get them on. Poor Miss Sharma she had a crash course in English yesterday - Joshua style! And I guess Carl and I will have to add a new word to our vocabulary too and get used to using the word 'sneakers'!