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A Layout - A Winter Memory

Red Pattern Papers: Katie Pertiet, La Cremerie, Designer Digitals
Frame: Card Stacked Frames, Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals
Tattered Paper Overlays: Lynne-Marie, CatScrap
All Other Elements: Shabby Miss Jenn, Grandma's Christmas

Shabby Miss Jenn

Yay! Shabby Miss Jenn has her new Chrsitmas kits out and I couldn't wait to grab myself a black Friday bargain!

I'll post a layout shortly.
Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

A Layout

Paper & Staples: Vinnie Pearce Blog Freebie
Doodle: Creshens Bye-Bye Birdie at Catscrap
Worn Photo Frame: Daniella at Catscrap
Tattered Paper Overlay: Lynne-Marie at Catscrap
Sand Dollar: Made into an element using PhotoShop
Font: Lainie Days

Vinnie Pearce & CatScrap

Oh wow - have you heard? Vinnie Pearce is now a designer at Catscrap! I LOVE Vinnie's style. Check out her blog here - Right Now.

Dream About Christmas, by Natali

Everytime I tell myself no more spending, no more new scrapbooking kits I make the mistake of visiting http://www.scrapbookgraphics.com/

Natali has a new Christmas kit out 'Dream About Christmas'. I dare ya to take a peak at it without HAVING to have it!

Living in California means we don't get to take many photos of cold crisp winter mornings and wooly sweaters, but I'd still like to create some festive layouts. I think this is the kit to do it with.

I can't wait to get my hands on that paper, shabby it up and sprinkle it with glitter!

Stories in Hand

I'm so excited to have signed up for Jessica Sprague's online class 'Stories in Hand'. Today is the first day and started with some great downloadable freebies to create a binder.

Here's a peak of what we get to make.

And did I mention the class is FREE!? How cool is that? It may be too late to sign up now but I'd definitely keep Jessica's blog in your favourites for more exciting online stuff.

A Layout

Kraft Paper: Creshens with Daniella's worn photo overlay
Bubble Wrap Stamp: Creshens at Catscrap
Red Spotted Paper: Creshens with Lynee-Marie's tattered overlay 2
Red Heart Stamp: Creshens
Blue Note Paper: Shabby Miss Jenn, Posies with MMD's Crunchtime Template from Oscraps Coupon: Traci Simms at ScrapbookGraphics Worn photo overlay by Daniella at Catscrap
Green Flowers: Creshens, Bye-Bye Birdy
Gems: Natali, Freshness
Staples: Flegs, Strawberry Delight at ScrapbookGraphics
Pin Pokes: Rachel Young at ScrapbookGraphics

I Wonder...

I wonder if Joshua will remember sitting on the sofa in PJs, eating clementines the day Obama got elected as President of the USA?