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Home Can Be More Than One Place

Today while on Amazon I came across 'Things I have learnt in my life so far' by Stefan Sagmeister. There's an interactive website you can get to by clicking here.

I really like the entry called 'Home can be more than one Place'.

It struck me as being very true. I love my life in California, who wouldn't with sunshine and beaches, but I struggle with homesickness. My heart is also in London where I spent almost fourty years! And then I realised I'm so lucky - I have not one but TWO homes...

Up and Running - Kinda!

Finally I have my laptop up and running and PhotoShop installed! There's gonna be no housework done in this house this weekend! I'm very lucky that Carl can cook and fend for himself.

I've updated the blog header using Jofia's Accidently Fallen kit. Do you like the shadows on the text? They make all the difference, don't they? I managed to add those with a little help from Flergs blog.

I have some very cute water play photos that I'm just itching to scrap with Jofia Designs, Need Water kit, but while I try and be patient and learn to walk before I run here's a photo...

Now back to the PhotoShop...

New Blog Wear

Do you like my new blog wear? I made it from Snap & Scrap's collaborative kit called Moroccan Sunset. It's a beautiful kit, crammed full of elements and only $3.50! I'd join in the challenge if only I could save my my layouts, but I'm still waiting to get setup with some scrapbooking software. In the meantime, I'm continuing to mess about in Word. 'Word?' I hear you all say? Yep, you can do a certain amount of layering in Word but it's not so easy to save your layouts. That's why I haven't posted any yet. As soon as I'm set up with PhotoShop Elements I'll be posting.

What do you think of the font on the buttons? It's called Cocaine Sans. I really like it but I'm not sure it goes with the elements. I have a hard time with fonts...

Shabby Pickle Designs

Get your Jofia fix at shabbypickledesigns.

Kits are 20% off right now.

I'm having fun with Baby Treasures.

She's going to add more kits next Friday. I'm waiting for Ephermara II.

Found Jofia!

Yay, Jofia is over at digishoptalk. Thank you Donna for pointing me in the right direction. Apparently, she has a surprise to share on Friday. There's lots of guessing that she is going to either appear at a new store or open her own. And of course, everyone (including me) is hoping for a sale!

Where's Jofia?

...so I log on to www.thedigichick.com to buy some of Jofia Designs kits and here store is empty! I send an email to thedigichick and they very kindly (and speedily) get back to me saying I can buy her kits at www.funkyplaygrounddesigns.com So I hop on over, but there is only one kit available!

Of course, now I can't get Jofia's kits I want them all the more and I want them badly! Want, want, want!

If anyone knows where Jofia Designs are now selling please let me know.

Cupcake Freebie by Flergalicious

If you haven't already go to Flerg's blog here to get her fantastic cupcake freebie!

Happy July 4th

I had envisioned my July 4th post to be full of pictures of red, white and blue flags billowing in the sea breeze, but somehow the flags, my camera, and me were never in the same place at the same time, so instead I have pictures of Joshua and his Play-Doh!

Altho it's not the set of photos I had imagined I was rather pleased with myself as I took these pictures in a setting other than 'auto'! Wow, I've had my DSLR for over a year and it's the first time EVER that I've done that. I was looking for the blurred background affect, so went for a small F Stop. My camera let me go down to F4.5. The results aren't exactly what I was expecting but I think the pictures are cute anyway...

Happy birthday America!

Pioneer Woman

When you kick back, hands behind your head and dream of a perfect lifestyle, do you think of lush green meadows, playful dogs, blue skies, wild horses, family cooking, photography and photoshop? If that's your idea of bliss (it is mine) take a look at the Pioneer Woman's blog, I'm sure you'll fall in love with it! Not only does she have a great writing style, but her wild Mustang photos are seriously breath taking! The closest I ever come to a Mustang is when stuck in a traffic jam. I just love blogs that give a a glimpse of some other life and the life of Pioneer Woman is certainly worth taking a peek!


Joshua was in big trouble when I got to the school. He was in tears and Ms Rosalie was telling him off. She said he'd got mad, threw his binky and spat at her! SPAT!!! I was shocked! So I asked Joshua to show me what happened. He stood still, feet together, took his binky out of his mouth, inhaled a great big breath and blew... RASPBERRIES!!! Phew, that was a relief - I can cope with raspberries!

He's blown raspberries before. I think when Sue was visiting and I do think it's his way of saying 'get lost'! But it's kinda cute and Carl and I don't really take it very seriously.

Joshua was very upset about being told off in front of the class so I had to take him outside and try and explain to him while mommy and daddy may think raspberries is funny, Ms Rosalie doesn't think it's funny so we mustn't do it to her as we don't want her to think we're a rude boy.

It was very sweet, he listened very seriously and nodded in all the right places. I just hope he really did understand and wasn't just saying 'yes' to get out of the place and get cookies in the car! :-)

So it's splash and play day today - I bet Ms Rosalie gets a good soaking!!! :-)

Two New Words

At 5.15am this morning I had no idea what 'carnie' or 'big table' meant. That is as in 'You're a big table I want carnie.' At 5.30am it was obvious Joshua was not going back to sleep and neither was I. In an attempt to understand 'carnie' and 'big table' we were sitting at the dining room table doing colouring at 5.35am. It wasn't until much later in the day that Carl figured out it meant 'You're in big TROUBLE, I want CANDY!' Doh, of course, it did!

Stinky Past!

"What's the time, Joshee?' I ask. He looks down to inspect the digital figures and then holds out the pedometer for me to see and says seriously 'Stinky past!'

New Blog

Another blog move. Surely, I've gotta be safe with Karen-Johnson!? I was amazed it was available, so of course, I snagged it!