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Castle Bed Hunting

We went take-out castle bed hunting yesterday. The bed from Walmart will take 17 days to arrive - can a 3 1/2 year old wait that long for a new bed without combusting? But as I expected we didn't find one. Joshua was happy with his prizes anyway - some plastic toys from one of those 25c machines in side Old Navy - Oh and a batman jacket!

Develope on Friday

I discovered Develope on Friday by chance on FaceBook. It's a photography challenge run from the Paislee Press blog. The first two challenges have included a little article on creativity that I find relevant at the moment.

You can read them for yourself here

Castle Beds

After The Upside Down Show Joshua stayed up to watch Project Runway with me. He thought it was hillarious that contestants had to make a dress out of a potato sack! When he finally went to bed he sang about castle beds at the top of his voice until gone 11:30pm!!!
It went like this 'Oh, I'm getting a castle bed that arrives in five days time coz I've been such a good boy... Oh, I'm getting a castle bed...'

We haven't even ordered it yet - wish us luck! :-)
The bed in case...

First Art Journal Pages

It's hard to look at Teesha Moore and Anahata Katkin's journals and not be influenced.

These photos are of the unfinished pages. I can't say I'm particularly proud of them but they are my pages, my start, my beginning. I'm hoping I'll evolve and develope and emerge with my own style, but at the moment this is it...

Creating Pictures

Why is the picture inside my head so elusive... *sigh*... that's not what I'd imagined at all...

Alien Spit

Joshua was quite happy wearing the empty brie box as a hat until an alien spat in it. We have no idea where the alien spit came from - but it was definitely alien spit!

Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 101

I signed up - I am having such fun!

I am about to head out and beat down the door of Joann's to stock up on gesso and gel medium!

And today we have...

Hail stones!

They only fell for a few minutes but enough to leave an icey, pebbley layer over the ground.

I have photos - I'll post later.

But as if hail stones in LA isn't exciting enough I also signed up for Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 101, so I'm off to download, read and watch videos!

K x

Still Raining

It's still raining and I'm still kinda liking it.
The mountains were a dark grey agains a pale misty sky this morning - both dramatic and beautiful...
How lucky I am to see such a sight each morning.

Altered Hearts: January 2010 Volume 2 Issue 1

Hot off the press is Altered Hearts January 2010 Volume 2 Issue 1!

This month’s theme is Play/Explore and jam packed with articles and freebies to help you explore your creative side.

The zine will be free to everyone for the first week and then there will be a small cover fee of $3.00 from January 29.

Come play with us - hop over to the ScrapArtist shoppe and pick up your issue now.

Happy reading everyone!


It seems the whole of LA is excited by the weather. It was the main topic of the local news yesterday morning and still continues today with tornado warnings for Long Beach. Apparently, trees were torn down and cars over turned. Yesterday a huge tree lay across PCH and a fallen street sign blocked another road, but we've not had any over turned cars thankfully. And nor have we had flying cows as my friend in Lake Tahoe reported!

ATC - Replenish the Well

Made for Finecraft/Evelyn's montly ATC challenge over at ScrapArtist.

Click on the image for full credits.

Thank you for looking!

Blog Award

Sweet Sandra passed on this lovely award.

So now I'll pass it on to five blogging friends...

ScrapArtist Muse: February

The ScrapArtist Muse is offering a fabulous February freebie you will not want to miss!

Just sign up for the ScrapArtist newsletter if you haven’t done it already on the home page in the right bottom corner or directly here and get ALL this sent directly to your mail box!

Happy Friday to you all.


An Art Journal Page

This page has been hanging around for a few weeks. I've been looking and looking for the right 'something' to finish it with. And that 'something' turned out to be those lovely manga style flower brushes by Crazy Kira Resources over at Deviant Art.

It was really bugging me that I hadn't finished it... and now it's done I feel much calmer and ready to move on...

Click on image for full credits.

Thank you for looking :-)

My Sunday...

It started with a morning walk...

Included lunch at Chili's, a browse in Borders, a wander around Pet Smart a drive back along the coast road to see the sunset...

And now I'm watching Mama Mia - Happy Sunday! :-)


I've been sporting one of these in the galleries for a couple of weeks.

And now I can finally say I've been published in Digtal Arts Magazine (DAM) - I'm thrilled!

Here it is.... The Visitor who Ate Cheese!

Sewing Machine

Yesterday I ordered a sewing machine as I decided my paper pages need real stitches. But the search for the right paper for the journal goes on...

A Thought on Journaling

Everyone can journal.

I journal every day - almost EVERY minute of the day...

The trick is to get it out of my head and onto the page...

One Word

As started on Ali's blog I'm chosing my one word for 2010 - healthy.

I decided on this word as it relates to all areas - mind, body and soul. For me that is family, creativity, work and body.

For 2010 I'll be thinking - Is this healthy? How can I make it healthy?

Main Entry: healthy
Pronunciation: \ˈhel-thē also ˈhelt-\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): health·i·er; health·i·est
Date: 1552
1 : enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit : well2 : evincing health 3 : conducive to health 4 a : prosperous, flourishing b : not small or feeble : considerable

— health·i·ly \-thə-lē\ adverb

— health·i·ness \-thē-nəs\ noun

I guess those plum cake balls I just ate for breakfast weren't healthy? Still at least I'm thinking about it, huh? I'll go eat an apple now...


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!