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How Do You Keep Organized?

I tend to use a combination of my phone, paper scraps and the back of my hand to keep me on track, but I notice I am most organized when I use a planner.  I'm currently using a Blue Sky planner.  The size is six inches by nine and has both weekly and monthly views with plenty of room for shopping lists, after-school activities, creative ideas and doodles.  My husband finds it strange that I don't just use my phone, but I find I actually remember the stuff I put in my planner if I physically write the words with pen and ink rather than typing on an electronic device.  I also prefer the academic year format which runs from July to June so I'm not changing planners during the holiday period.  I've just ordered my new planner so I can start entering summer camps and activities.  I'm trying a smaller version this year as I plan to keep it in my handbag and use it more consistently.

As a creative. how do you keep organized?  Do you prefer pen and paper or are you strictly digital?