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Do Snails like Carrots?

Do snails like carrots? They do if they are LazyTown carrots!

Yesterday when we stepped outside the house there was a beautiful big snail racing across the path (well, in snail terms it was pretty speedy). Joshua was concerned that it needed something to eat and thought a carrot would be a good idea, so I promised him we'd go to the shop and buy carrots for him that afternoon.
In the grocery store I pick up a bag of ready washed and peeled carrots.
'NO, not those!' He insisted. 'LAZYTOWN carrots, mom!'
'What are LazyTown carrots?' I ask.
'BIG ones, mom!' He says holding out his arms.
He LOVES watching LazyTown on Noggin and they had been eating carrots on the show that day.
So we buy a pack of big carrots but when we get home the snail has gone. He's probably sleeping I explain.
'Right,' says Joshua nodding his head thoughtfully. 'When the sun comes up we'll feed the snail LazyTown carrots.'
'Sure,' I say and we both go in the house and Joshua sits on the side of the sink while I wash the LazyTown carrots...