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Three Things

So I'm loving Janet's Summer 2008 mini album. I still have a few pages to go until it's finished tho. In the meantime I've been browsing ScrapbookGraphics.com and I've got another three things on my wish list.

First is this BEAUTIFUL kit called Goodbye Summer by Natali Designs. I just can't resist those ittie-bittie diamond elements - put them with some craft paper and I'm hooked! Her CT really have done some beautiful work with this kit.

Second are these torn templates again by Natali Designs. These have got to be a 'must-have' item. In fact, I'd been trying to create something like this for myself. Others I've seen have been too big and ugly but these curly, tears are just right!

And the third is the black and silver glitter that coordinates with Flerg and MGL's Squeee kit.

Oh, I could just go on and on about Flergs stuff, including the new Black Magic alpha, but then I'd have to rename this post Four Things or Five Things or Six Things... and I have to end it somewhere, right?