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The Simple Sabbat and Things My Mother Knew

Maybe it's because I am in the desert that I purchased the book?  In the Palm Springs valley area.  The mountains and valleys and wildlife all around make me feel more grounded, more connected with nature.  

I have just purchased The Simple Sabbat by Charming Pixe Flora.  Just a few pages in and already I've fallen in love.  She includes instructions for rituals that includes kids - now who could not fall in love with that?

And in a strange way her book reminds me of my mother.  My mother was brought up in London, England and in the Church of England faith which is basically Christian with a few modifications by the English Royal Family along the way.

BUT she knew about Pagan rituals, herbal remedies, old wives' tales.  She understood full moons and new moons and the changing of the seasons.  She knew sentences and rhyming words that some may call spells but to her they were just words that she knew.

Occasionally, her Church of England faith would come out and she would say 'Oh but it's all silly really.'  But in general she would talk more about nature's ways than the church.

If I could have time with my mother again I would like to ask her how she knows the things she knew...

My Beautiful Mom