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Short books worth reading.
Reviewed for people with little time to read!
Fifth Chakra E-book by Subtle Harmony (Gin White)

Fifth Chakra eBook by Subtle Harmony

I LOVE this compact book - all 39 pages of it!

Can you relate to any or all of the below?
'Have you ever been speaking and had someone interrupt you… perhaps not even to talk to you, but to direct their attention away and speak to someone else, as though you weren't even speaking at all?

Have you ever spoken up at a business meeting and felt like you weren't heard?

Or have you wanted to speak up at a business meeting (or in any other situation, really) but felt uncomfortable, and so you said nothing at all?

Have you ever wanted to write a book, tell a story, paint a picture, sing a song… but felt stifled somehow?

Or have you ever written that book, told that story, painted that picture, performed that song… but kept it to yourself, feeling too afraid or too uncomfortable or too something to share it with others?'

It all starts with an overview of the chakra system the colors, names and meanings of these energy centers. Of course, more attention is given to the 5th chakra.

If you are thinking you really don't need another review of the chakra system - read on...

Gin explains that communicating isn't just about using your voice, and nor is it just about communicating to others. She says

'We’re also talking about communicating with your intuition and your heart and your own Self. It also involves communication with Spirit/Divine/God/Universe/Higher Power, your angels and guides and guardians, or however you choose to define what is greater than yourself.'

Now, that's interesting stuff, huh?

And yes, this book really does tell you how to open up these communication channels by working with crystals, stones, aromatherapy oils, sound, color, journal prompts, meditations and affirmations.

This isn't a quick fix book. These changes are often subtle, but that's not to say they are not working.

Remember, the only way to see the improvement in your communication is to listen...

Why did I choose to review this book? Because it's brief, easy to read, in a language that is easy to understand and also meaningful with exercises you can put into practice right NOW! And the bonus is that it is available as a download, so you can buy it today and start work on your 5th chakra within minutes.

Find your voice find your truth. 

Find out more about this wonderful ebook visit Subtle Harmony 

Fifth Chakra eBook on Subtle Harmony
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Thank you, Gin for a wonderful read!