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I used to read.  I used to read a lot.  I used to love to read.

Living in London, England I had a thirty minute commute each way, five days a week.  That makes for a lot of reading.  Now I have a forty-five minute car drive for my commute.  Couple that with a six year old son and that makes for zero reading time.

But somewhere my brain hasn't made this connection.  Still I buy paper and Kindle books as if I am still in my pre-family days and commuting by train.  The paper books sometimes get flicked through and even carried around in my tote for a few weeks, and I've managed to get to the end of a few good tales on the Kindle, but generally opening a book at the end of a long day at the office just sends me straight to sleep. And that's no slur on the book content - just my brain's way of saying enough is enough!

But I still LOVE reading.  I love a good story, I love learning, I love a good self-help guide, and I simply ADORE a good craft book!

What is one supposed to do!?

Well, I'm going to read short books that get straight to the point AND I'm going to help you my happy reader to get straight to the point too!

I kid you not!

I'm working on my first book review right now.  Sign up for blog updates on the left of your screen if you want to be notified when the first review is up.