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It's hard not to be influenced by Alice in Wonderland at the moment. Huge billboards of Johnny Depp dressed as the Mad Hatter are all over LA and the movie is released tonight.

Every morningthis week Joshua has said.

'Mommy, tell me the story of Alice in Wonderland.'

And so I begin.

'Once apon a time there was a little girl called Alice. She was sitting in a beautiful field reading with her little cat next to her when suddenly she saw a little white rabbit holding a pocket watch...'

I won't bore you with the rest of my version.

When I saw this new printer draw by Sherrie JD I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.

Here is Alice's Memory Box...

Click HERE for full credits.

And on the way home Joshua says.

'Mom, let me tell you the story of Alice,' and he begins with 'One day Alice was sitting in a BEUUUUUOOOOO-TI-FUL field...'