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This Morning...

…he was horrible this morning.
'Don't wanna eat! Don't wanna get dressed! Don't wanna go to school! Wanna watch TV and draw!'
I drag him out from under the table to get his clothes on.
We're late.
I hear him running upstairs and slamming draws.
I prepare to have to carry him screaming to the car.
He runs down the stairs.
'I'm ready to go to school now, mom.'
All as sweet as pie.
A big happy grin on his face.
'I heard you in the draws - what were you doing?'
'NO, don't ask, mom. Let's go! Let's go!'
'I have to get something from upstairs.'
I go upstairs and see nothing unusual.
I go back down.
Joshua is waiting by the door.
'C'mon, let's go mom. Let's GO!'
He shoves me out the door.
We're back on time now.
We get in the car and he still won't tell me.
Finally he eats half a bagel and Nutella.
'So what were you doing in the draws, Joshua?'
'Noooo, don't want to say!'
'Is it a secret?'
Munching on bagel.
More silence.
More munching.
'Mo-om… You don't have a toothbrush… It's in my draw.'
'You can't clean your teeth!'
'And I have your make-up too…'
Heeehheeehhaahh ahheeehhee ahaaheeeee…
All the way to school!