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Bed Head

As I lay in my bed last night this is what was going thro my head...

As a child I was not considered the sweetest.
Sue was the oldest and most beautiful.
Barbara the youngest and cutest.
I was plump and in the middle.
With a pudding basin haircut for most of my childhood years.
I was often mistaken for a boy.
I was just was not sweet enough.
I don't remember too many kisses and cuddles or ooos or arhs from dodting parents.
Mostly be quiet, get your elbows off the table, don't be so rude!
My mother didn't believe in nicknames, shortening names, or terms of endearment.
I did get called carroway seed.
Look it up.
It's practical and plain.
It has no reference to cute, sweet or lovable.
BUT, (que dramatic, happy, happy, music) look who's living the sweet life now! :-)
I'm sure I could win a hotdog eating competition...

Yes, that's what was running thro my head last night - hotdogs and all!

Happy Wednesday everyone.