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Where's Mommy?

I get home around 9.15am, and Joshua is in his room but still awake.

Carl said he wouldn't play and then wouldn't drink his milk and kept asking 'Where's mommy? Is mommy in England?'

He's a little boy who's out of his routine and missing his mommy.

Of course, I go up and see him when I hear this. And he's like 'Ah my mommy. My mommy came back for her Joshee!!!' And I'm thinking 'Oh I'll never leave you again, my Joshee!!!'

Then he had to tell me exactly what books daddy had read - Curious George, Stinky Face and Twinkle Twinkle and then he showed me exactly how he'd eaten his tea and exactly how he had put his noodles in his mouth… then he rolled over and went to sleep…