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Which Creative Type are You?

Some people need a mess before they can create, others need to be neat and orderly.  And even though I often feel like I am living in a mess I do class myself as being in the neat and tidy group.  I like clean tools and a tidy workspace and I like lists; to-do lists, to-buy lists, event planning lists.  I think you get the idea?

I love calendars too and cannot live without mine.  I remember the days of years ago, of being single and not needing a calendar, but today I like to make a note of EVERYTHING.  And I like it like that.  I like to see how my day, my week, my month and year is expanding and shaping.  I use a combination of an online and paper calendar - it works for me. 

If you would like a version of my paper calendar here is a link to download a 2012 calendar created by myself, to be printed on letter paper - totally free - enjoy!