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My Bloom True Journey

Well, I went and participated...

Here's a picture of me painting beside my affirmation to prove it.

Photo by Jenny Doh

It was a wonderful, inspiring, eventful weekend.  

Flora was kind, patient, open, giving, inspiring and BRAVE!  She showed that to us all with a swish of bright green paint all over the beautiful face she had just painted!  The class gasped and Flora laughed, and yes, Flora waved her magic and the face did emerge again even better and more beautiful, as she had told us all she would!  Flora was everything we had all hoped for...

I will write more about it soon, but I'm not quite ready just yet.  I feel I'm still on the journey.  I'll check in when I get closer to the destination...

But for now Jenny has documented the class beautifully here

  Painted Words by Pam Garrison
Photo by Jenny Doh