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Thank You 2010

Before I go on to the next post I wanted to take a moment to list last year's achievements, coz I hope I will get around to scrapping them sometime...

1. Stopped taking Prednisone - yay!
2. Took up yoga... oh and kinda stopped again - will have to put that on my 2011 goals.
3. Travelled across the border to Mexico for the first time.
4. Got a cat
5. Lost 38lbs... and put 8lbs back on over Christmas - will have to put losing weight on my 2011 goals too!
6. Discovered Mixed Media and dabbled in getting my hands messy.
7. Discovered Susi Blu and her wonderful online workshops

I'm sure there were other achievements for 2010 too but these are the ones I remember for the moment.

Of course there were some downs too but I try not to go there. 

And now I need to work on 2011 goals...