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Natalie's Story.

Did I mention we were getting a cat?

I first saw her at the rescue center back in April. I fell in love with her then, but we weren't really ready for a cat so we left the store without her, but she kept playing on my mind. She had a beautiful face and sat so calmly in her little box. I popped into the store on my way home from work to have another look at her. My heart dropped when I saw her cage was empty. There was no one from the rescue center to ask so I left presuming the little white and tabby cat had found a new home.

Then two weeks ago Joshua and I were passing the time of day in the pet store. We looked at the yapping dogs and then the snakes and then Joshua wanted to see the fish. As we walked past the cat rescue center there was the little white and tabby cat!!! The same one? Yes, yes, that was definately the same cat! I asked Kim the rescue center how long she had been there and she said a long time probably since April or May. Yes, it was the same cat! Of course, I took it as a sign! lol I called Carl and took lots of pictures with my phone and told Kim I would be back for her in two weeks.

We went on vacation to Mexico and our dinner conversation was always about Natalie and how we would look after her.

So finally the big day comes and we go off to the pet store to collect Natalie. When I ask if there is anything I need to know I was surprised when Mike told me she was a spitfire and regularly takes swipes and she needed a firm hand! Were we talking about the same cat? The calm, elegant cat I saw through the perspex glass? The rescue center told me not to expect too much from her for the first two weeks. That she'd probably sit under the sofa for the first couple of weeks only coming out for food. Joshua heard all of this and still wanted to take her home - so we did.

As I'm typing this the next morning Natalie is playing with Joshua on the rug in front of me after sleeping most of the night on Carl's head. Yep, I know we said she wouldn't let her in the bedrooms... lol

At the moment she is the cutest, most loving cat anyone could ask for...