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What is Reiki?

Back in March of this year I read about a lady who enthused her jewelry with Reiki before positing it to the buyer.  I thought it would be a cool idea for my sister, Susie G Designs, who had just started making gem stone bracelets.  (I'm so good at thinking of good ideas for other people).

I knew nothing about Reiki and wondered what magical powers and skills were needed to be able to do Reiki.  I Googled the word and was surprised to find everyone had this magic power inside of them.   All that needs to happen is an attunment to awaken the magic already inside of you, or in other words to realign your chakras.  It's all very simple and gentle.  In fact, it is so gentle you could even be attuned while sleeping.

Instantly I was in love with Reiki.

By April both my sister and I were attuned and on our thirty day self-healing journey.

Two online Reiki places that I can highly recommend are Dharmadevi's Reiki Blessings Academy and the Spirited Reiki online classes offered by Jodi Lebrun at Creative Life by Design

Learning Reiki can be quite overwhelming to the newbie.  I know I had lots of questions which mainly started with 'Am I doing this right?'  I loved Jodi's Spirited Reiki I class.  It was small and intimate with lots of personal attention and Jodi answered all my newbie questions.

I'm still at the begining of my Reiki journey with a long way to go but already I can feel the positive effects of the energy reflected in all areas of my life.  One of them being my creativity.

Here is a little piece I made in response to one of Jodi's creative prompts in Spirited Reiki I.  Hanging amongst my son's artwork.  Can you tell he is my inspiration and my muse?

My daily reminder of the Reiki principles...