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NSD Shopping

Yes, I survived my first NSD without breaking the bank. I know some people spent hundreds of $$$ - my jaw hit the floor when I saw the amounts some scrappers have spent! Wowsers - I think I'd rather have a new lens for my camera for that amount of money!

BUT, saying that I did indeed indulge...

All You Need is Love by Natali at ScrapbookGraphics (My first buy as her sale started on the 29th!)
Composure by TaylorMade at CatScrap (I'm trying to discover my style and I know this isn't really it but got sucked in by the beautiful papers and wordart - I'm gonna give it a go!)
Being Home by Laurie Ann HGD at ScrapArtist (REALLY had to exercise control here - I LURVE all her stuff!)
Get Creative Paper Pack by Gina Miller at ScrapArtist (Again, had to control myself here as I wanted ALL the Creative kits - I just love the colour. It was the lined notepaper in this pack by Gina that won me over!)
My Dream World by NLD at Shabby Pickle Designs (I just have to do something with that top had and cracked mirror!)
I Dream of Poppies, At One with Nature, Mangus, and A New Story all by Brene Boone at ScrapOrchard for only $1 (that was my best bargain of NSD and all thanks to Kate Hadfield who pointed me in the right direction with her blog post)
Bloom & Grow at Songbird Avenue (Okay, I know this one wasn't a NSD bargain, but Ali and Jessica pledged an extra $2.00 to charity for kits brought before May so I grabbed this one on the 30th - it's for a good cause, right? lol)

So, I'm guessing I spent about $40 in all over the weekend. Hubby hasn't got a clue it was NSD so he'll wonder what all the spending was about but hey, it's now where near those girls spending $$$ right!? At least I can still feed and clothe my kid - lol!

So no more spending for me until the 11th? Right, who am I kidding, it only takes one beautiful kit... :-)

So what am I going to scrap? Well, I have some great action shots of Joshua jumping off an exercise ball onto the sofa at the weekend. I want to extract them first and then I just need to find the right kit... :-)