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Butterfly Gardening

Gabs asked 'What the heck is butterfly gardening?' And, that's what I thought when I first heard of it, so decided to find out a little bit more.

The ButterflySite has some great information about growing plants that attract butterflies, but the idea I like the most is rearing the butterflies and making a little home for them. YES, you really can do this! Take a look at this butterfly rearing kit - here!

They take approximately two weeks to change from catapillars into butterflies so I'll order mine in March as I have this idea in my head that it will be exciting for Joshua to watch butterflies hatch on his birthday. Altho in reality I'm sure he'll be like 'give me a terminator and more cake!'

And what do you do with them oncthe butterflies once they are fully formed adults? Why get them a little house to live in of course! :-)