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Why I Love PhotoShop

I have a ton of photos like this -

Not very interesting - taken just coz I've got the camera in hand and Joshua is in front of me. They're all lying around at the bottom of the computer files collecting virtual dust.

Then yesterday I was searching for photo of Joshua that I could use for a Christmas layout. I couldn't find anything suitable. So I decided to try erasing the background and extracting Joshua's face. The result was okay - nothing special. So then I took a look around the Oscraps shop and decided to buy 'Brighten Up' a PhotoShop action by Nina Scraps.

I was a bit nervous at running it as I've never used an action before. I needn't have been tho, it was easy to install and use (go to Windows and chose Actions, then click on the little arrow button to the right of the box. Click on 'Load' and then navigate to where you have saved your actions. Once you have found them click on 'Load' and PhotoShop will load the Actions into the menu for you to start using). The result is fantastic! I'm so pleased with it. The drab little photo at the top of this post has been transformed! I love how the photo now looks.

Take a look - I've used it below in a layout for the list challenge over at CatScrap.

Now I can't wait to get home and dust off some old photos and see how they brush up!