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Joshua was in big trouble when I got to the school. He was in tears and Ms Rosalie was telling him off. She said he'd got mad, threw his binky and spat at her! SPAT!!! I was shocked! So I asked Joshua to show me what happened. He stood still, feet together, took his binky out of his mouth, inhaled a great big breath and blew... RASPBERRIES!!! Phew, that was a relief - I can cope with raspberries!

He's blown raspberries before. I think when Sue was visiting and I do think it's his way of saying 'get lost'! But it's kinda cute and Carl and I don't really take it very seriously.

Joshua was very upset about being told off in front of the class so I had to take him outside and try and explain to him while mommy and daddy may think raspberries is funny, Ms Rosalie doesn't think it's funny so we mustn't do it to her as we don't want her to think we're a rude boy.

It was very sweet, he listened very seriously and nodded in all the right places. I just hope he really did understand and wasn't just saying 'yes' to get out of the place and get cookies in the car! :-)

So it's splash and play day today - I bet Ms Rosalie gets a good soaking!!! :-)